The Timorese Market

The wine market of East-Timor is a market with a strong historical connection to Portugal, which can be enhanced. East-Timor is located in Oceania but still in the Asian continent. It is a country with marked cultural differences in relation to Portugal; so before addressing to it is essential to realize that this is a poor country, with social inequality, where many citizens do not have access to the most essential goods to live. On the other hand, the current situation of stability that the country lives, including some growth, begins to be reflected in an improvement of the quality of life of the population.

The estimated population of East-Timor is only 1,100,000 inhabitants (Source: http://timor-leste.gov.tl), and only about 3% of its consumer. These consumers are concentrated in the capital, Dili, where approximately 193,000 people live and where the food distribution network is beginning to develop. Since it is a young market and almost a niche, positioning actions of Portuguese wines will have a great impact to the local population and tourists.

It is therefore important to recognize that even the small positioning actions can make a difference. It should also be mentioned the significant tourism potential in the country that represents a good opportunity for the positioning of fine wines at competitive prices, in addition to being a platform for the entry into other Asian markets and mainland markets, which are still very closed to Portuguese wines. The use of Portuguese as a language is also a crucial element for the success of sales in this market.

The great empathy between the Portuguese and the Timorese people can be valued with the continuation of good relations between the two countries and the establishment of important trade routes between them.
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