Critical analysis of the problems and proposals

How to find consumers of Portuguese wines

In this chapter I note my conclusions about the issues I was raising in the dissertation.

In order to have a real appreciation of Portuguese wines it is necessary to find consumers who recognize the value of the product they're using. The Portuguese who can be found all over the world are these consumers, said wine ambassadors. They represent an opportunity for Portuguese products in international markets. The high socio-economic level that some have, makes them ideal consumers of the products of their countries of origin. In this sense, we can say that the Portuguese migrants play an important role in regards to make their products known in the countries where they live. In the case of wines, the opinion of a friend is the factor that most influences the opinion. The strong emigration appears as an asset in the conquest of international markets for Portuguese wines.

In an increasingly global market the potential of the wine trade is almost infinite. But that globalization also puts a challenge to the producer: to observe migration movements and to be able to meet demand of these consumers in their new destinations. Equally important is the positioning of the wine in the restaurants of Portuguese gastronomy, something made, for example what in typical Italian restaurants that promote the consumption of their wines all over the world.

After a stronger positioning of the Portuguese emigrant communities, and strengthening of historical trade relations with the former colonies, other markets will look for Portuguese wines, following the market trend.

Communication of national wines of various target audiences across multiple platforms is also one of the challenges to overcome for the affirmation of wines at international level.

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