My recommendations

The strategy followed by Portuguese wine producers will have to go through the appreciation of what's unique in its brand and style so that the consumer might attach to the product its true value. The best strategy to do this is based on the information/communication from the history that each bottle contains, as it is already done in the market of the United States of America, known as "storyteller". The sharing of the "soul" of each wine, each wine cellar, and each vineyard is appreciated by consumers who value the brand by its Terroir and history, from the moment they met it.

I focus on the Alentejo region because it is here that I see the greatest potential for evolution and conditions for the creation of a Great Wine Capital. But the regions of the Azores, Madeira, Douro, Dão, Vinhos Verdes, Península de Setúbal and Bairrada, as well as the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Faro are also regions and cities with a promising future. They just need to know to implement the same strategy of enhancement of their products, creating a network of international contacts through the existing network of Tourism of Portugal.
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